A Testimony From Cornerstone Christian Assembly

This testimony is from Robin George, the pastor’s wife, at Cornerstone Christian Assembly in Ohio. It is from when Brother Frank had the privilege of ministering at the church on June 30, 2013.

I wanted to share with you what happened the last time you came to minister at Cornerstone Christian Assembly in Akron.  My daughter invited three of her friends over for a sleepover and asked them if they would come to church the next day. It just so happened that you were speaking that Sunday morning.

I knew that the parents would be picking up their girls at noon. With that in mind, you ended the service around 12:00 PM, and at the close of the service you invited everyone up to the altar for a time of prayer. All of Paige’s friends left but one. Her name is Sonny. I looked back and asked if her parents were waiting outside. I told her that she did not have to come up front for prayer and that she was free to go. She said, “No, my parents can wait. I really feel I need to be here.”

She came up front and you begin to pray over the congregation. You closed the service, and right when everyone started to walk away, you said that God had shown you that someone was being healed of a heart condition and also a healing in their knees. Paige immediately looked at her friend and said, “That is you.” Paige was aware that Sonny had a heart condition as well as problems with her knees due to arthritis. This was very new for her friend who had never seen the gifts of the spirit in operation. I believe that day God did a complete healing in Sonny’s body. I believe that when Sonny goes back to the doctor for a checkup that she is going to have a report of total healing. Praise God for His faithfulness.”

Robin George
Cornerstone Christian Assembly