God’s Healing Power!

At the Wilderness Hunting Lodge Retreat held by the Healing Waters Church of God in Everett, PA, Joelle Bowser shared this testimony with brother Frank about God’s healing power experienced in her life.

Brother Menhart,

I wanted to give you my testimony from June 2010. You were preaching at my church one Sunday. The Holy Spirit gave you a word that someone was suffering from problems with their reproductive system and that God wanted to heal that person. I had been dealing with endometriosis for about 10 years. It’s a horrible condition that causes extreme pain, among other things. I went forward to be prayed for. Since that day, PRAISE THE LORD, I have been free from it. God completely healed me. I give Him the glory for healing me and also for working through you in a such a powerful way. We serve an amazing God!”

Joelle Bowser – Healing Waters Church of God Woodbury, PA