Refreshing Waters Church in Athens, Ohio

We had a wonderful time of ministry in Athens this weekend. My good friend Cody Alderson accompanied me to Pastor Bob & Lisa Crable’s church. Athens is a college town and there were a lot of college students present during the Sunday morning service. The Lord ministered powerfully during the altar service. For over an hour people kept coming up to the altar to receive from the Lord.

The worship service was beautiful. There is so much talent at Refreshing Waters church. I want to thank everyone for welcoming me with open arms to freely give what the Lord had put on my heart to say. Pastor Crable and his wife are precious friends to me. I cannot thank them enough for providing for both me and Cody while we were there. Great food, great fellowship and a great place to stay.

Saturday night Pastor Crable took us to a youth concert put on by the campus youth ministries. The talent is obvious and the love for the Lord evident. Seeing an altar call inside a college was encouraging.

We all need to pray for Pastor and Lisa Crable’s ministry in Athens. There is so much work to be done and warriors need to be raised to stand for the Lord and this spiritual fight we are in. I was encouraged that after the message there were those who came back to the Lord and rededicated their service to him. To God be all the glory for the work he is doing in Athens!