I was privileged to minister this past weekend at APEX. APEX is the annual national youth retreat for the IFCA (International Fellowship of Christian Churches). Over 540 youth and youth leaders gathered for a wonderful time of worship, preaching and teaching from the Word of God, and fellowship. The event was held at the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown, PA.

Though the weather was cold outdoors, the fire of the Holy Spirit indoors was burning in the hearts of the youth. It was so refreshing to see hundreds of young people worshiping God and experiencing the powerful presence of the Holy Spirit!

This year’s theme was “Restoration.” Many of the youth surrendered their lives to Jesus Christ for the very first time, while others recommitted their lives to the Lord. Just as the Prophet Joel said, many were also filled with the fullness of the Holy Spirit.

I would especially like to thank Pastor Paul Bietel, IFCA’s National Youth Director, for inviting me to be a part of this awesome experience. His Godly leadership and shining example of Christian faith has greatly blessed the lives of the youth of this generation.

Please pray for these young people that they will continue in the faith and allow the Holy Spirit to use them to win others to Christ.

“And they that shall be of thee shall build the old waste places: thou shalt raise up the foundations of many generations; and thou shalt be called, The repairer of the breach, The restorer of paths to dwell in” (Isa 58:12).

Wonderful Time at New Day Christian Center

New Day Christian Center Assembly of God Wellsburg, West Virginia.

New Day Christian Center Assembly of God Wellsburg, West Virginia.

Thank you to all our precious brothers and sisters at New Day Christian Center Assembly of God in Wellsburg, West Virginia.

I was asked by Pastor Angel Adams to fill in for her during her absence last Sunday. The congregation members at New Day have been friends with our ministry for over 30 years. It is always a joy and delight to have the opportunity to pour into their lives.

We ministered there in both the morning and evening services. God moved upon the hearts of His people. In fact, at the evening service, nearly the entire church came forward in response to the Word for a time of ministry and refreshing!

Many requests were for a renewed compassion for the lost and a fresh fire and infilling of the Holy Spirit to reach the harvest of lost souls. Several commented about what the Lord spoke to their hearts personally and how their lives were impacted.

Thank you Pastor Angel for inviting me to return and for you and your congregation standing with us so faithfully through the years! TO GOD BE ALL THE PRAISE and GLORY!



Brother Frank Menhart at New Day Christian Center Assembly of God

Brother Frank Menhart at New Day Christian Center Assembly of God

Building a Better System?

Human beings keep building better systems. We make things bigger, stronger and better than previous versions. We discover innovative ways to manipulate natural elements into things that help to make our lives better.

Consider ancient bridges over bodies of water that were crudely constructed of wood. Then, we used stone to construct them after learning the supporting power of the arch. When metallurgy advanced, we began to use steel in various ways to construct our bridges over waterways that we desired to cross.

Each generation comes along advancing in its understanding of scientific principles to build better bridges. I thought it was amazing the first time I drove across those long bridges down in Virginia that go out over the water. I have never seen the ones built in the Florida Keys, but I would imagine they are incredible feats of human engineering.

Jesus simply walked on the water.

John 14:6. Acts 4:10-12. John 1:1-5. Matthew 14:22-33.

God’s Healing Power!

At the Wilderness Hunting Lodge Retreat held by the Healing Waters Church of God in Everett, PA, Joelle Bowser shared this testimony with brother Frank about God’s healing power experienced in her life.

Brother Menhart,

I wanted to give you my testimony from June 2010. You were preaching at my church one Sunday. The Holy Spirit gave you a word that someone was suffering from problems with their reproductive system and that God wanted to heal that person. I had been dealing with endometriosis for about 10 years. It’s a horrible condition that causes extreme pain, among other things. I went forward to be prayed for. Since that day, PRAISE THE LORD, I have been free from it. God completely healed me. I give Him the glory for healing me and also for working through you in a such a powerful way. We serve an amazing God!”

Joelle Bowser – Healing Waters Church of God Woodbury, PA

A Sister in the Lord Desires Her Whole Family to be Filled With the Holy Ghost

Frank Menhart preached our revival this past week. I am thankful that God has raised up a mighty warrior. Brother Frank was truly a blessing to listen to and be taught by. Today I had been listening to Casting Crowns, singing “Spirit Wind.” It brought me to tears. I found this song confirms what Frank was preaching this week.

I gave my heart to the Lord at age seven, and unfortunately I turned my back on God. Thankfully, God gently guided me back at the age of 32. I was never taught about the infilling of the Holy Spirit and the intimate relationship we could have with Him. I want Jesus to fill me, my children, my sister, and everyone full of the Holy Spirit.

During revival, my son and daughter-in-law were anointed and prayed for that they would receive a good report from the doctor. They are expecting their first child.Today they found out that the baby is healthy and they will be blessed to have a little boy. God is good, merciful, and faithful.

God has impressed upon me to be sensitive to the burdens of our brother’s and sister’s in Christ, as well as those of our own families. We need to be lifting one another up like we never have before. My prayer is that God will allow me to see them through His eyes.

Philippians 4:6-7 tells us to be anxious for nothing, but through prayer and supplication, let our request be made known unto God, with thanksgiving, that we may have the peace that passeth all understanding. I was truly blessed with the messages that Frank Menhart preached.”

With Love in Christ,

Dottie Malcomb – Lighthouse Assembly of God Paw Paw, West Virginia

Thank you for being faithful to the Lord Dottie. Your desire to see your brothers and sisters in Christ through the eyes of God is something we all need. Keep on seeking the baptism in the Holy Ghost. Acts 2:38-39 declare the promise is for you too! A woman praying for over two years was filled this April while praying earnestly for a very important situation. She was at home when she received.

A Testimony of God’s Provision and Three Times Receiving a Word From the Lord

This testimony is from Rachel who attends the Lighthouse Assembly of God in Paw Paw, West Virginia. She and her husband received a word from the Lord three times since 2010 while attending meetings when Brother Frank  was preaching.

Brother Menhart, I was debating all week whether or not to give you our family testimony, but last night at revival when you preached “A Certain Word in Uncertain Times,” the Holy Spirit impressed me to give you this. Because if God wouldn’t have given us a certain word to stand upon, we would not be where we are now! I wanted to say something to you last night, but I’m just not an outspoken person. However, the Lord is still working in that area of my life to have more boldness for him. Thank you for being saturated with the Holy Spirit and allowing God to use you so mightily. God Bless you and your family.

The very first time you came to our church in 2010, you came for a Sunday morning and night service. Right off the bat I could feel in my spirit that you were filled with the Spirit and preached the true word. I remember this service so vividly because it was spot on in what was going on in our lives at the time. You preached on the “Mean Time” season, and I remember you making the joke that sometimes when we are in the meantime season that we tend to get mean! My husband and I were in a meantime season at this point because in 2008 when the economy crashed, we racked up some incredible debt. But God spoke through you for us to hang on and not to grow weary. Also, during this service my husband was prayed for his ongoing back pains and he was healed! During the whole year my husband and I grew in the Lord by clinging to His promises.

In 2011 you came back for a four day revival. We were still struggling with our finances, so we came expecting God to reveal more to us. God spoke through you again, this time about us hanging in there a little longer but resting in the arms of Jesus! Also, God said to us, “Sit back and see and taste that God is good.” So, we were so excited to hear God speak to us again anticipating what he had in store for us. We tried to rest more in Christ by casting our worries and fears upon him. Also, during this revival we took our five-year-old son up for prayer for a cyst on his finger. The doctors could not figure out what it was, and God took away the cyst completely. Praise the Lord, he did not have to have surgery on it! Ten months passed and we still didn’t see God move yet, but clinging to those specific words to “. . .see and taste that God is good” kept me standing on his promise in the meantime while our finances grew worse and worse. Some weeks we couldn’t even afford groceries! A precious couple in our church was impressed to bring us groceries each week and is still doing it to this day! Praise be to the Lord! Then the Holy Spirit brought to remembrance “ . . .taste that God is good.”

In 2012 you came and God spoke through you to us yet another time. This time God spoke, “Every ditch we have dug, to sit back and watch God fill them all up and overflowing.” The same night the bondage of depression, worry and fear was broken from me! This was so powerful for us because not only were we struggling with our finances, but we had one particular financial mountain that came up this year that seemed impossible to us. This word gave us the reassurance that God was listening to our prayers and something was about to happen. Also, I had a list of things going into this revival that I had been praying for. I petitioned them to the Lord, and out of faith expected God to respond during this revival. To this day, my entire list has been marked off except for one thing! Praise be to the Lord!

During the course of 2012 we were blessed to pay off the enormous financial mountain that weighed us down night and day. Praise the Lord! During this time God showed us to quit relying on ourselves to figure out or fix things and to fully rely on him to fix our finances. Even though we are still burdened with financial debt, only because of our own stupidity, God still provides for our bills and groceries each month in miraculous ways.

One month we were down to the last day to pay our mortgage without paying a late fee, and a couple showed up at our door at 10:00pm with an early Christmas present of $500. The exact remaining amount that we needed to pay the bill! The funny part about this early present was that it was the month of October. Praise be to the Lord! God always is on time!

Thank you Brother Menhart for being filled with the Holy Spirit, and for allowing God to speak through you. It truly has changed our family. Through all of this, we stood firm on His promises never losing faith. It has resulted in seeing so many miracles. Although we still have a lot of debt, we are not letting it rob our joy in the Lord because He does meet our daily needs and sustains us. We are believing in His perfect timing that we are going to be debt free. Through this financial trouble God disciplined us in many aspects, and we sit back and took it, learning so much from it. Praise to the Lord for He is worthy!”

Rachel – Lighthouse Assembly of God Paw Paw, WV

Thank you Rachel for this wonderful testimony! All the glory belongs to God!

From the Pastor at Lighthouse Assembly of God in Paw Paw, WV

As pastor for thirty two years, I’ve seen first hand the wonderful benefits of the Evangelist and his ministry, and the indelible power of God manifested on the church through this divinely ordained gift. As the Apostle Paul states in Ephesians 4:12, these gifts are given to perfect the individual, manifest God’s divine power in the ministry work, and perfect the body of Christ through fellowship and worship.

I have been privileged to work with some dedicated Evangelists who have been an invaluable asset to our church, and no one is more committed to the work of ministry than Bro. Frank Menhart. He has given himself to preaching, prayer, and the power of God’s Holy Spirit leading the church into Evangelism, Discipleship and Worship. We have seen souls come to Christ, experienced glorious infillings and watched in awe as God healed the sick and set captives free. I can, without reservation, recommend this wonderful servant of God as a ministry gift that will forever be a benefit to your church and congregation.”

L. Earl Travis Jr. – Lighthouse Assembly of God, Paw Paw, W.Va.

To God be all the glory! Thank you Pastor Travis for your encouraging word!

A Healing Testimony From Lighthouse Assembly of God

Kari Combs from the Lighthouse Assembly of God in Paw Paw, West Virginia wanted to share the following testimony with those who stop by the RFM website. Thank you Kari for sharing this great testimony!

During revival with Brother Menhart one year ago, we were all praying when he was led by the Holy Spirit to pray for someone with a problem in their throat. I continued to pray as the Holy Spirit began to impress on my heart to go forward for prayer.

From the time I was 10-years-old, I have had difficulty swallowing certain foods. At age 11, I choked on a piece of meat while eating at a steak house. A family member performed the Heimlich maneuver. Several other times since age 11, I continued to choke, but I never lost the ability to breathe. At age 21, I ended up in the ER with a piece of steak lodged in my esophagus. It continued to be a problem for me.

After being anointed and prayed for, God healed me of this problem. Since then, I have not choked on any food. I praise God for His healing touch!”

Kari Combs – Lighthouse Assembly of God, Paw Paw, WV

Yes! Thank God for his healing touch! As brother Frank tells everyone, all the glory goes to God!

A Note From the Pastor at Manns Choice Church of God

Brother Frank preached at Manns Choice Church of God in Manns Choice, PA for three days in April. The pastor sent a note about the three services to be shared with those who visit the RFM website.

What a mighty move of God we have experienced this past weekend with Evangelist Frank Menhart. The Word was preached in all of its power and authority under the anointing of the Holy Spirit and people were saved, filled with the Holy Spirit, and lives were changed forever. And all for the glory of God. I am so excited to see the fruit of those whose lives have been changed.”
—Pastor Richard Whetstone

Just like Pastor Whetstone said, “And all for the glory of God.” That is what drives this ministry. It is all done for God’s glory! Changed lives happen when willing vessels submit to the power of the Holy Spirit to let those changes happen.

A Healed Shoulder!

Brother Frank Menhart was at Mann’s Choice Church of God in Manns Choice, PA for services from April 12-14. Manns Choice is a community in Bedford County about 100 miles or so east of Pittsburgh. Dorothy, a sister in the Lord, has a testimony that she would like to share.

At the end of service Saturday evening, I came forward for prayer. I came in response to the message for a refreshing from the Holy Ghost. I received and I felt His joy and peace! I also asked the Lord to heal my shoulder. I was in constant pain and unable to raise it for several months. I was instantly healed, and now I can move my arm without any pain! THANK YOU JESUS!”

All glory and praise goes to God! He does the healing! He changes lives! Thank you Lord for your miracle working power!

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