Vermont and Other Recent Ministry Opportunities

Trip to Vermont. Pastor Jeff & Sue Kelley & family with Michael.

Trip to Vermont. Pastor Jeff & Sue Kelley & family with Michael.

Ruthie, Michael and I traveled to beautiful Vermont at the end of August. We were invited to minister at The Church of God of Prophecy in Barre. We stayed with Pastor Jeff and Sue Kelley and their lovely family.

We had a wonderful time with the Kelleys and their congregation. Each night we experienced the presence of God.

Trip to Vermont. Michael Menhart playing guitar during worship.

Trip to Vermont. Michael Menhart playing guitar during worship.

Trip to Vermont. Frank & Michael Menhart singing. Michael is learning to play the guitar and is making excellent progress.

Trip to Vermont. Frank & Michael Menhart singing. Michael is learning to play the guitar and is making excellent progress.

Our youngest son, Michael, ministered in music and song during the Sunday service. Michael is doing so well playing the guitar! I am so proud that he is using his talent to glorify the Lord.

On Saturday evening, there were several churches in attendance from all over the state and one pastor from New Hampshire.

Pastor Jeff invited me to return next year and to travel to churches in New Hampshire and Maine. Thank you Jesus!

September was a very busy month of ministry. In fact, the Lord opened a number of doors within several denominations; Church of God, Assembly of God, IFCA (International Fellowship of Christian Churches), Church of God of Prophecy and others. What a privilege to build the kingdom of God and minister to the body of Christ!

We began the month at Beaver Falls Christian Assembly in Beaver Falls, PA. Members from several churches in the area gathered to worship and receive from the Lord. Each night, the Holy Spirit moved in the altars as people came forward.

The next day, I left for Orbisonia, PA to minister at The Orbisonia Church of God of Prophecy. More can be read of that meeting under, “The Greatest Testimony Ever!

Claysville Covered Bridge Festival. Pastor James.

Claysville Covered Bridge Festival. Pastor James.

The following Saturday, I was invited by the Association of Christian Churches in Claysville, to speak in my home town at the Claysville Covered Bridge Festival. Pastor Rico Vespa from the Claysville and Zion Methodist Church and Pastor James from the Claysville Baptist Church were in attendance.

Claysville Covered Bridge Festival. Tim Collins.

Claysville Covered Bridge Festival. Tim Collins.

We had special music by Tim Collins, a precious man of God and wonderful brother in Christ, who is greatly anointed and shares the gospel in music and testimony.

Claysville Covered Bridge Festival. The Nielsen's (Ray & Justine). Mike Horne (right).

Claysville Covered Bridge Festival. The Nielsen’s (Ray & Justine). Mike Horne (right).

Congregational hymns and choruses were led this year by Ray and Justine Nielsen and Mike Horne. They are members of the Washington CCNA were my family and I attend. Although it was raining heavily during the service, the rain of the Spirit was being poured out on those in attendance.

Thank you so much to all of the pastors in our community for inviting me to return again and preach the Gospel during this outdoor event. I especially want to thank Pastor Vespa for all of his hard work and involvement. May God richly bless you my precious brother!

After the service, it was on to the Full Gospel Church of God in Camp Hill, PA. We had an anointed time during our Holy Spirit Conference. Many people were in the altars each night praying for a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit in their lives, families, and churches.

Pastor Bob and Tena Steele, long time friends of Ruthie and I, were tremendous hosts of the conference. I appreciate all of the kindness and love that was shown to me both in and out of their home.

After the conference, I traveled on to York, PA to minister at Praise Community Church of God. I had a wonderful time with Pastor Adam Bower and his wife Erica and Evangelism Pastor Brian Connolly. I am always blessed and encouraged after being with these two men. Their passion for Christ and love for souls is awesome!

We had a great time of intimate worship and Word. Afterwards the altars were filled with hungry souls seeking and receiving from the Lord. As Brian prayed for one sister, she was instantly healed from a painful back condition that had hurt for a very long while.

Thank you Praise Community Church for the way you have blessed our ministry over the years!

Then it was back to Full Gospel for one more night of meeting. Pastor Bob Steele and I shared testimonies on how the Holy Spirit has used us over the years and then had a question and answer time with the church. It was a rewarding service.

The next evening I was back home ministering at our home church, Washington CCNA. It seemed that the anointing that was at the Holy Spirit Conference in Camp Hill continued to be poured out there. The evening was filled with questions and discussion from Pastor Rob Berk and the congregation about how to hear the voice of God and move in the Spirit. It was a wonderful time!

We finished the month in lovely Petersburg, WV at the  Cornerstone Family Fellowship Assembly of God. I was so blessed to see the new facility and hear the testimonies of praise how the Lord miraculously provided the purchase of the building!

It was so good to see Pastor Steve Landis and to be with the family of God in Petersburg again! There were many testimonies that were shared from the people as they received from the Lord each night. A healing testimony we received from someone who was healed after responding to a word of knowledge can be read at “Testimony from Petersburg, West Virginia.

Testimony From Petersburg, West Virginia

I have had back problems for years and the pain has been in my spine. I helped prepare for a wedding for two days, and usually I would have been in so much pain I would not have been able to walk.
When Brother Frank Menhart  prayed for me, a burning went up my spine, and I have had no pain or soreness since. I give God and Jesus all the glory for my healing. This was during revival on September 27, 2013.”
Cornerstone Family Fellowship Assembly of God
Petersburg, West Virginia

The Greatest Testimony Ever!

We had a wonderful time at the Orbisonia Church of God of Prophecy in September. Thank you to Pastor Don Pflugh and his precious wife, Ann, for inviting me to minister. I also wish to thank them for all of their kindness and hospitality during my stay.

We had a wonderful meeting. As Pastor Pflugh said, “It was a different revival.” The Holy Spirit was speaking during every service to the church. It was more of a “seeking and searching” meeting. There were several testimonies shared in the services and also to me personally.

We just printed testimony cards and asked if anyone had a testimony to be shared on our website, to please fill out a card. One young man, Cody Todaro, handed in the first card and it read, “I gave my life to God on Friday, the 13th!” PRAISE THE LORD! He was saved and he returned with his family the next night desiring to be baptized with the Holy Spirit. Tears flowed as he said to me and Pastor Pflugh, “I feel something here!”

Cody is in 6th grade. Praise God for youth that are surrendering their lives to the Lord and desiring to be filled with the fullness of the Holy Spirit! It is a fulfillment of the promise given in the book of Acts on the day of Pentecost. Read Acts 2:17-18 and Acts 2:38-39 to understand what this means.


A Testimony From Cornerstone Christian Assembly

This testimony is from Robin George, the pastor’s wife, at Cornerstone Christian Assembly in Ohio. It is from when Brother Frank had the privilege of ministering at the church on June 30, 2013.

I wanted to share with you what happened the last time you came to minister at Cornerstone Christian Assembly in Akron.  My daughter invited three of her friends over for a sleepover and asked them if they would come to church the next day. It just so happened that you were speaking that Sunday morning.

I knew that the parents would be picking up their girls at noon. With that in mind, you ended the service around 12:00 PM, and at the close of the service you invited everyone up to the altar for a time of prayer. All of Paige’s friends left but one. Her name is Sonny. I looked back and asked if her parents were waiting outside. I told her that she did not have to come up front for prayer and that she was free to go. She said, “No, my parents can wait. I really feel I need to be here.”

She came up front and you begin to pray over the congregation. You closed the service, and right when everyone started to walk away, you said that God had shown you that someone was being healed of a heart condition and also a healing in their knees. Paige immediately looked at her friend and said, “That is you.” Paige was aware that Sonny had a heart condition as well as problems with her knees due to arthritis. This was very new for her friend who had never seen the gifts of the spirit in operation. I believe that day God did a complete healing in Sonny’s body. I believe that when Sonny goes back to the doctor for a checkup that she is going to have a report of total healing. Praise God for His faithfulness.”

Robin George
Cornerstone Christian Assembly

Update on My Stepfather Ron

Recently, I spent four weeks with my mom and stepfather in Cleveland, Ohio. My stepfather, Ronnie, went into the VA hospital in July because he was turning yellow. Initially we were told that his doctors had found a dime-sized tumor in the duct going into his liver as well as a quarter-sized tumor growing on the outside of his pancreas.

Two days after the discovery of the tumors, he got very sick and needed emergency surgery to remove his gallbladder. It was completely gangrenous. After the surgery, his heart went out of rhythm, there was internal bleeding and swelling (he gained 45 pounds), his kidneys began to shut down, and he contacted a C. diff infection. All of these complications set the doctors back from a plan of action for his cancer surgery.

Ronnie came home a few weeks ago. His appetite has returned, the swelling is down considerably, he is regaining his strength, and he is recuperating.

He had a PET scan this past Tuesday (September 3), and today we were told his cancer has not grown or spread. We were also told there is just one tumor in his pancreatic duct rather than two. After one more scan and a meeting with his chemo doctor, radiation and chemotherapy will begin to target the tumor. This will last for 5-6 weeks. If the tumor shrinks away from a major blood vessel, this will make surgery possible. This is the goal of his doctors.

Please keep my stepfather, Ronnie, in your prayers. MORE THAN ANYTHING, he needs to know Jesus as his Savior and Lord. I look forward to the day when I share with all of you that he has accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior!

11th Annual Tent Revival Richardson Park Bentleyville, PA

Gathering begins on Tuesday evening July 16, 2013 for the second night of the 11th Annual Tent Revival held at Richardson Park in Bentleyville, PA.

Gathering begins on Tuesday evening July 16, 2013 for the second night of the 11th Annual Tent Revival held at Richardson Park in Bentleyville, PA.

Brother Frank was asked to preach at the 11th Annual Tent Revival at Richardson Park in Benlteyville, PA. It was in the nineties earlier in the day, and a rainstorm came and cooled the area off significantly. It was comfortable in the tent as the sun was going down.

Sitting in an air-conditioned church is a blessing, but the best stained glass windows do not compare with how the Lord arranges the colors of a sunset. The photo of the sunset included in this article shows the sight that we were privileged to enjoy at the tent meeting.

There are different speakers scheduled to speak throughout the whole week. Brother Frank spoke on Tuesday evening delivering a powerful message the Lord put on his heart about  making a choice to either live in the blessings or the curses of God. The scripture text was from Deuteronomy 11.

Sunset at tent revival at Richardson Park Bentleyville, PA. More beautiful than any stained glass window of any church building.

Sunset at tent revival at Richardson Park Bentleyville, PA. More beautiful than any stained glass window of any church building.

Pastors Layman and Loretta Davis of the Bethlehem Baptist Church in Bentleyville, PA sponsored this tent revival that is in its 11th year. A tent revival used to be a common thing, especially among Pentecostal churches. Revival is all about reviving, so getting out of the routines that some of us get stuck in is a good thing. We can get used to the same old things in church, and a tent revival can help break us out of a spiritual rut.

Being that a tent revival is outside away from the comfortable amenities of a church building, one might think that most attending would be young and in great shape. However, this author has a difficult time with the heat, and also witnessed the fact that the majority in attendance on that Tuesday night were senior citizens or had health issues. One person in attendance was using a portable oxygen tank, and another rode an electric mobility scooter from Ellsworth to the tent meeting.

You do not need to come out to a tent meeting to receive Jesus as your Lord and Savior. God meets you right where you are. It does not matter the place, the time or the sins. God does not expect you to clean yourself up before he saves you, and he is not expecting you to wait to get to a church service. If you do not know Jesus as your Lord and Savior, the door is open right now this very moment for you to be eternally saved. Understand that Jesus is the only way by reading John 14:6. Understand that Peter, one of the original twelve apostles, also declared that salvation is only through Jesus by reading what he said in Acts 4:10-12. Then do something about it by following what Romans 10:9-10 says.

Video Message: The Mean Time Season

This video is of brother Frank Menhart preaching a message titled “The Mean Time Season” on November 6, 2011. It was recorded live at the Full Gospel Church of God pastored by Bob Steele in Camp Hill, PA.

Paul the Murderer

Click on the title to go to the article page. Hold your cursor over each scripture reference that you encounter in this article. An app should cause a small window to appear to permit you to easily read each one. The website app seems to work best when you actually click to go to an article’s page. This will help you gain the proper context necessary to get the most out of this article.

There are 27 books in the New Testament. The apostle Paul wrote 13 or 14 of them (some are not convinced Paul wrote Hebrews). Here is one man who, under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, wrote most of the things Christians believe and follow today. The thing is, this man was a murderer (Acts 8:1, Acts 22:4-5, Acts 22:20) of Christians!

According to the scriptures, we know that the believers were first called Christians in Antioch (Acts 11:26). These Christ Ones followed a doctrine that was referred to as “The Way.” This derives from the Greek word ὁδός “hodos,” which means “road” (Acts 9:2, Acts 24:14,25). They followed the teachings of this Jesus fellow who came out of Nazareth (Acts 25:19). These Christians were telling the world that this fellow is the Son of God, that he died on the cross for all sins, and that he rose again from the dead!

Many of the followers of the teachings of Moses considered this doctrine blasphemy. Others who knew Moses’ teachings, and the prophecies concerning the Christ (the Messiah), recognized that this Jesus fellow was indeed the Holy One sent from God. Paul was a strict Pharisee (Acts 23:6, Acts 26:5, Philippians 3:5). He believed in a resurrection while the Sadducees did not (Acts 23:8). However, before Paul met the already Risen and Ascended Savior on that road to Damascus (Acts 9:3-8, Acts 22:6-11), he considered this Jesus fellow as nothing more than a blasphemer who got what he deserved. Paul was intent on getting all of Jesus’ followers to either change their way of thinking or die.

Paul had it out for the Christians. He went so far as to secure warrants (Acts 9:1-2, Acts 22:5) to take them from their homes and bring them back to Jerusalem to be judged. It is significant that he not only went after men who believed in this Way, but that he went after the women believers as well. The punishment they all faced was likely going to include death by stoning.

He was on a mission to stamp out this faith in Jesus of Nazareth actually being the Messiah (Hebrew language) or Christ (Greek language). The nation of Israel was waiting on the Christ to come, hoping he would deliver them from all of their oppression under the rule of their Roman conquerors. They were looking for the Christ to come in power to overthrow Rome rather than a Christ that must suffer, die and rise from the dead (Acts 3:18, Acts 26:22-23).

Another interesting thing is that Paul was born in Tarsus (Acts 21:39) making him a Roman citizen from birth. Talk about privilege! Not only was he trained under the law of Moses through a great teacher of the law named Gamaliel (Acts 22:3), he was also a free Roman citizen. Much of the rest of the people of the nation of Israel that Paul knew were just subjects under the rule of Rome. Even a Roman military commander Paul encountered was amazed because Paul was a Roman from birth while this commander had to buy his freedom (Acts 22:27-28). Ah, but since there is no such thing as coincidence, God had a plan for this Paul fellow. Like Jeremiah (Jeremiah 1:5), God knew Paul before he was even formed in his mother’s belly (Galatians 1:15-16).

Paul was the Roman name of Saul of Tarsus. Saul was his Hebrew name. Though some are under the impression that he had a name change when he believed in salvation through Jesus and was called to be an apostle, the fact is that it was common to have a dual name during that era of history in that part of the world. The scriptures show him being called by Saul when he was interacting with his Jewish brethren (Acts 9:24, Acts 9:26, Acts 11:25, Acts 11:30, Acts 12:25, Acts 13:1,2,7,9) and often referred to as Paul on other occasions when interacting with the Gentiles (non-Jewish people).

Paul was called by the Lord to be an apostle ( Acts 9:10-20, Romans 1:1, Romans 11:13, 1 Corinthians 1:1, 1 Corinthians 9:1-2, 1 Corinthians 15:9, 2 Corinthians 1:1, 2 Corinthians 12:12, Galatians 1:1, Ephesians 1:1, Colossians 1:1, 1 Timothy 1:1, 1 Timothy 2:7, 2 Timothy 1:1,11, Titus 1:1). This former murderer of Christians thought he was zealously defending the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob by his acts of rounding up the followers of The Way to be judged. After his conversion on that road to Damascus he began preaching that this Jesus fellow is actually the Christ, the Son of God (Acts 9:20)!

However, Saul the Pharisee/Paul the Roman was known by all to be a bringer of death. To his brethren who rejected Jesus as being the Messiah, he was highly effective at gathering up and bringing to judgment followers of The Way. To the followers of this Way, he was a murderer. In the sight of God, he was a murderer! The Lord and his church long ago forgave Paul. No longer do we read words written by him or about his ministry and see him as a bringer of death (Acts 9:21, Galatians 1:13). No! On the contrary, now we see his apostleship as bringing life to the lost through the preaching of the Word. However, there was a time when Paul was lost, on his way to hell and a murderer of Christ’s followers.

Paul was obviously buffeted by Satan throughout his remaining years after he repented and believed on the Lord Jesus. It is apparent based on his own words. Paul spoke how he was the least of the apostles (1 Corinthians 15:9) because he once persecuted the church, and he referred to himself as the “chief” among all sinners. (1 Timothy 1:15-16). The word “chief” in 1 Timothy 1:15 means “foremost.” Even though Paul indicated that he was at the head of the pack among all sinners of all time from any place, verse 16 tells us something important. Paul declares that one of the reasons God chose to show mercy on him in the manner that he did (turning him from a murderer into an apostle) was to show a pattern that was applicable to all of us.

Look with me to see how important this is to understand correctly. In Acts 28, we see an account of just after the time Paul was in a ship full of people that included his friends, likely some family members, Roman guards and other prisoners. Paul was on his way to Rome to be judged by Caesar when he was shipwrecked on the island of Melita. It was rainy and cold, so the people of the island kindled a fire to help the exhausted passengers of the ship that was torn apart (Acts 27:41). Then, it seems that it was about to get even worse for Paul.

Understand that Paul was once a hero of those who thought like he once did. Paul was zealous in persecuting this sect of the Nazarenes that the people, especially the religious leaders of the time, wanted to annihilate. He held the cloaks of those who murdered Stephen with stones (Acts 7:58, Acts 8:1, Acts 22:20). Paul then meets Jesus on the road to Damascus, and the Savior corrects Paul by showing him a new road (Way) to follow that ends up getting Paul accused of being a ringleader of this sect of the Nazarenes (followers of Jesus) that he once persecuted (Acts 24:5).

Paul then traveled great distances in an age when there were no automobiles, airplanes or even bicycles to carry out his assignment as being the apostle to the Gentiles (Acts 13:44-49). Later in his ministry as the apostle to the Gentiles, we find him on his way to be judged by the Roman emperor. This is when Paul is shipwrecked on the island of Melita. If it was not for the protection of God, all those on that ship would have died (Acts 27:21-26). They all made it safely to the island. Paul then gathered a bundle of sticks to put on the fire that was kindled by the inhabitants of the island.

Just as in 1 Timothy 1:16 where Paul declares that what happened in his life is a pattern for future followers of Jesus, there is an example in Acts 28:3-6 that is extremely significant. Paul had turned his life fully over to his Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. Whereas he used to bring believers bound to Jerusalem for judgment, he declared after his conversion that he was not only willing to be bound but also killed for what he stood for in Christ (Acts 21:13). The murderer was now sought after by the religious leaders of his time to be murdered because he placed his faith in this Jesus he was once so much against.

The barbarous (foreign) people on the island of Melita saw a man who escaped death from being shipwrecked only to have vengeance (justice) exacted by a venomous snake. The snake apparently was among the bundle of sticks Paul threw on the fire. The rain and the cold probably had this cold-blooded reptile unable to move much until the heat of the fire revived it enough to bite Paul on his hand (Acts 28:3).

The snake was a viper or ἔχιδνα “echidna” in the Greek. In Acts 28:4 it is said in the Greek to be a θηρίον
“thērion,” which means “dangerous animal.” The snake was poisonous and the people were waiting for Paul to die (Acts 28:6). Notice that Paul just shook the snake off into the fire (Acts 28:5). Into the fire! Did you get that? The devil himself once spoke subtly through the serpent in the garden of Eden (Genesis 3:1-4). Satan tempted human beings with a choice to do something contrary to the will of God. Both Adam (the first man) and Eve (the mother of all living) chose to do something contrary to the will of God thus resulting in the fall of all human beings (Romans 5:12). God, not willing that any should perish (2 Peter 3:9), arranged from the foundation of the world that Jesus would pay the price of all sin (1 Peter 1:18-21). Now, Paul the murderer was redeemed by that blood that Jesus shed on the cross.

The inhabitants of Melita waited for Paul to swell up and drop over dead (Acts 28:6), but he felt no harm (Acts 28:5). The example here is a miracle in that the viper could not harm Paul as well as the fact that Paul apparently did not worry much about being bit by a poisonous snake because he just shook it off into the fire. The people of Melita who thought Paul was a murderer on whom justice was being served by the snake bite changed their minds when he did not fall over dead, considering him to be a god (Acts 28:6).

The people were partly right with their first thought. Paul was indeed a murderer. However, he was no god. Rather, he had been redeemed by the blood of Jesus. The sins of his past, even though they included executing the followers of Jesus, were forgiven. Not by what Paul did, but through what Jesus did. Paul knew that it was grace that saved him because he wrote about it in Ephesians 2:8-9.  The bite of death from the snake held no power over Paul just as the bite from that old serpent, the devil, no longer has any hold over those who turn to Jesus for their salvation (Romans 6:23, 1 Corinthians 15:55-58).

As Matthew 25:41 speaks of the wicked being cast into the everlasting fire prepared for the devil and his angels, Paul shaking off that venomous snake into the fire is both a miracle of divine protection on Paul’s life as well as a declaration that judgment against the bringer of death from Tarsus was paid for completely on the cross of Christ. Now understand that the pattern Paul talked about in 1 Timothy 1:16 applies to everyone! If a former murderer of God’s people can be forgiven by God, declared not guilty because of his faith in Jesus being the sacrifice for his sins, made an apostle and write half of the New Testament, what can God do in your life if you let him?

Times of Refreshing at Pike Church of God

Last weekend I ministered at the Pike Church of God in lovely St. Marys, WV. Evangelists and Southern gospel singers Tim and Liz Cawthon recommended me to Pastor Joyce Hill. (Thanks Tim and Liz!)

I never believed in “coincidence”. The Bible says in Psalm 37:23 that, “The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord!” It was such a joy to be with Pastor Joyce and her congregation. I want to thank the entire church for receiving me and for all the kindness that was shown.

In the morning service, seeds of the Word of God were sown into the hearts of the people.

During the afternoon, between the services, I had the privilege to meet Sister Joyce’s husband, Dale, and their daughter, Heidi. We had a wonderful meal together and then Brother Dale and I drove out to see his cabin which he built by hand. It was so peaceful and beautiful! I really enjoyed our time of fellowship!

The evening service started out with a new believer from the Paden City Church of God being water baptized. The pastor and several members of the congregation worshiped the Lord with us in a joint service. We had a wonderful time of worship and altar service. We were refreshed by the Holy Spirit as the gifts of the Spirit flowed so freely.

Thank you, Sister Hill for the beautiful day with you, your family and your congregation. I pray that the Lord continues to add souls to the Pike Church of God and blesses you all in abundance.

I will pour out my Spirit on ALL flesh

I have always enjoyed reading and preaching on the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. God promised to pour His Spirit out on ALL flesh; male and female, young and old. This promise is to every born again believer. Acts 2:38-39 declares, “Then Peter said unto them, Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. For the promise is unto you, and to your children, and to all that are afar off, even as many as the Lord our God shall call.”

As I’ve already mentioned on a previous post, I spoke at APEX last weekend. Many of the youth that were in attendance received the baptism of the Holy Spirit. On Sunday morning I left APEX and was scheduled to preach at Beaver Falls Christian Assembly. Pastor Dale Russo and his family were visiting relatives in Missouri to celebrate his mother-in-law’s birthday, and I was filling in for him.

After ministering the Word of God, we had a wonderful time in the altar. An elderly lady came forward and said with great eagerness, “I want to receive the Holy Spirit!” We laid our hands on her, and the power of God came upon her. Instantly, she began to speak in other tongues as the Spirit gave her the utterance. Many others were ministered to as well. To God be all the glory!

After the service, I was informed that the lady was a visitor that morning and that she was 94 years old! 94! That was awesome! That took on a whole new meaning to me of ALL FLESH! These are the days of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, and God is filling all those that are hungry and thirsty.

John 7:37-39 declares, “In the last day, that great day of the feast, Jesus stood and cried, saying, If any man thirst, let him come unto me, and drink. He that believeth on me, as the scripture hath said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water. (But this spake he of the Spirit, which they that believe on him should receive: for the Holy Ghost was not yet given; because that Jesus was not yet glorified.)”

On the last day of the Feast of Tabernacles, Jesus stood up and cried aloud, “If any man thirst, let him come unto me, and drink.” No matter how young or how old you are, Jesus wants you to be filled with the Holy Spirit and serve Him with all your heart. Don’t allow satan to convince you that your best days are gone! The Lord said, “The righteous shall flourish like the palm tree: he shall grow like a cedar in Lebanon. Those that be planted in the house of the LORD shall flourish in the courts of our God. They shall still bring forth fruit in old age; they shall be fat and flourishing . . .”

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