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Images From India

Brother Frank looks quite a bit different now than he did during this trip to India.

Frank playing a game

Brother Frank playing a game.

A meal of rice

Unlike some other orphanages in impoverished areas of India, brother Jyothi Reddi’s orphanage is able to provide three meals per child per day.

Rice ready to serve

A meal of rice ready to serve.

Cooking utensils out in open area

Cooking utensils in open area. Birds pick the pots clean of any bits of leftovers before they are washed for reuse.

Frank's cake

A cake made for brother Frank.

Frank and his cake

Brother Frank and his cake that was made especially for him.

Girls standing in line to get a piece of cake

Girls standing in line to receive cake.

Boys in line to get cake

Boys in line to receive a piece of cake.

Girls eating cake

Girls eating cake.

Worship service

Worship service.

Worship service in a tent

Worship service held in a tent.

Boy painted gold

A young boy with gold paint on him. Some poor families have their children dress as a deity and put them out to beg for money. This young man was outside of the worship service begging for money for his family but decided to come inside for awhile.

Frank in a traditional Indian shirt

Frank in a traditional Indian shirt.