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God’s Healing Power!

At the Wilderness Hunting Lodge Retreat held by the Healing Waters Church of God in Everett, PA, Joelle Bowser shared this testimony with brother Frank about God’s healing power experienced in her life. Brother Menhart, I wanted to give you my testimony from June 2010. You were preaching at my church one Sunday. The Holy …

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A Sister in the Lord Desires Her Whole Family to be Filled With the Holy Ghost

Frank Menhart preached our revival this past week. I am thankful that God has raised up a mighty warrior. Brother Frank was truly a blessing to listen to and be taught by. Today I had been listening to Casting Crowns, singing “Spirit Wind.” It brought me to tears. I found this song confirms what Frank …

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A Healed Shoulder!

Brother Frank Menhart was at Mann’s Choice Church of God in Manns Choice, PA for services from April 12-14. Manns Choice is a community in Bedford County about 100 miles or so east of Pittsburgh. Dorothy, a sister in the Lord, has a testimony that she would like to share. At the end of service …

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Please Pray

I will be preaching at Refreshing Waters Ministries church in Athens, Ohio this Sunday February 5, 2012. Athens is a college town and Pastor Crable at Refreshing Waters has planted a church there. Please pray for the church leadership and for the lost. Pray for me too.