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Brother Jyothi Reddi

Brother Jyothi Reddi (pronounced Joe Tee) is the State Overseer and Governing Body Chairman of the Church of God in Andhra Pradesh India. He also runs an orphanage that cares for, at the time of this writing, 500 children. It was 400 when we first included information about the orphanage here on our website at …

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Update on My Stepfather Ron

Recently, I spent four weeks with my mom and stepfather in Cleveland, Ohio. My stepfather, Ronnie, went into the VA hospital in July because he was turning yellow. Initially we were told that his doctors had found a dime-sized tumor in the duct going into his liver as well as a quarter-sized tumor growing on …

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Makenna: Our Little Miracle

“Congratulations, Grandma & Grandpa! We have a little girl, but my, is she tiny!” Those were the words we heard four years ago when our granddaughter, Makenna, was born. As many of you know, she was born three and a half months early and weighed only 15 ounces! We stood solely on the Word of …

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Makenna is Four!

Makenna had her birthday party early. She is an April 1st baby. The same day that many people try to pull a practical joke and then yell “April Fools!” As many of you already know, Makenna was born premature. The doctors did not give any hope of her surviving. Those early days with Makenna had …

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Michael Is 13!

Our youngest son Michael turned 13 this week. Time goes by so quickly. Pretty soon he will be driving! As you can see by the photo of Michael on his birthday cake, he has grown so tall. He is 6 feet 9 inches now! Just kidding. He is tall though.

Frank & Ruth

This photo of Frank and Ruth Menhart was taken on April 17, 2012. (Click on the image to see the full size high resolution one. Note: Since the file size is large, it may take a minute or so for it to download to your computer.)

Frank and Matt

This was taken at Greene Valley Church of God Sunday April 1, 2012.

March of Dimes 2010

The Menhart family and some friends participated in this year’s March Of Dimes walk. The “Miracle Makenna” tee shirts proclaim God’s Power and give Glory to Him. Makenna was born 3 1/2 months premature. Doctor’s gave up on her many times. There were times when the doctors advised Makenna’s mom (Gretchen) and dad (Jimmy) to …

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