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From the Pastor’s Wife at Prayer Hill Church of God

This revival with Brother Menhart came with great expectations. Everyone was anticipating God to move in a powerful way. As pastors, it is thrilling to watch people of every age come alive in Christ. We know God never fails, and when our faith touches God’s presence, miraculous things take place. This weekend was no different. …

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Brother Jyothi Reddi

Brother Jyothi Reddi (pronounced Joe Tee) is the State Overseer and Governing Body Chairman of the Church of God in Andhra Pradesh India. He also runs an orphanage that cares for, at the time of this writing, 500 children. It was 400 when we first included information about the orphanage here on our website at …

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Testimony From Prayer Hill Church of God

On Friday, when I went to physical therapy, my husband had to push me in a wheelchair. On Friday, I came to your revival. I am now walking with very little pain. Thank you! Thank you Jesus!” —Donna A. Prayer Hill Church of God

Testimony From Petersburg, West Virginia

I have had back problems for years and the pain has been in my spine. I helped prepare for a wedding for two days, and usually I would have been in so much pain I would not have been able to walk. When Brother Frank Menhart  prayed for me, a burning went up my spine, and I have had no …

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A Testimony From Cornerstone Christian Assembly

This testimony is from Robin George, the pastor’s wife, at Cornerstone Christian Assembly in Ohio. It is from when Brother Frank had the privilege of ministering at the church on June 30, 2013. I wanted to share with you what happened the last time you came to minister at Cornerstone Christian Assembly in Akron.  My …

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11th Annual Tent Revival Richardson Park Bentleyville, PA

Brother Frank was asked to preach at the 11th Annual Tent Revival at Richardson Park in Benlteyville, PA. It was in the nineties earlier in the day, and a rainstorm came and cooled the area off significantly. It was comfortable in the tent as the sun was going down. Sitting in an air-conditioned church is …

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Video Message: The Mean Time Season

This video is of brother Frank Menhart preaching a message titled “The Mean Time Season” on November 6, 2011. It was recorded live at the Full Gospel Church of God pastored by Bob Steele in Camp Hill, PA.

God’s Healing Power!

At the Wilderness Hunting Lodge Retreat held by the Healing Waters Church of God in Everett, PA, Joelle Bowser shared this testimony with brother Frank about God’s healing power experienced in her life. Brother Menhart, I wanted to give you my testimony from June 2010. You were preaching at my church one Sunday. The Holy …

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A Sister in the Lord Desires Her Whole Family to be Filled With the Holy Ghost

Frank Menhart preached our revival this past week. I am thankful that God has raised up a mighty warrior. Brother Frank was truly a blessing to listen to and be taught by. Today I had been listening to Casting Crowns, singing “Spirit Wind.” It brought me to tears. I found this song confirms what Frank …

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A Testimony of God’s Provision and Three Times Receiving a Word From the Lord

This testimony is from Rachel who attends the Lighthouse Assembly of God in Paw Paw, West Virginia. She and her husband received a word from the Lord three times since 2010 while attending meetings when Brother Frank  was preaching. Brother Menhart, I was debating all week whether or not to give you our family testimony, …

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