Makenna is Four!

Makenna's birthday cake.

Makenna’s birthday cake.

Makenna is four!

Makenna is four!

Birthday presents!

Birthday presents!

Makenna had her birthday party early. She is an April 1st baby. The same day that many people try to pull a practical joke and then yell “April Fools!” As many of you already know, Makenna was born premature. The doctors did not give any hope of her surviving.

Those early days with Makenna had our enemy spouting his lies. The Word of the Lord, however, remained steadfast. The “April Fools” in this case was on the Devil because God showed a lot of people how He would get glory out of this little girl’s life and testimony! Untold numbers of people have heard the Gospel and have been encouraged because of Makenna’s testimony.

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    • Dottie Malcomb on April 28, 2013 at 9:55 am

    I was blessed as Frank preached our revival at Lighthouse Assembly of God. Frank shared his story about the arrival of his granddaughter Makenna. Frank and his family were trusting in God.

    Doctor’s gave them a report that would leave them with some big decisions to be made for her life. Frank and family trusted God and did not put all their trust in the doctors. Showing that if we lean on God for understanding and not our own, that God has the final say, not the doctors. All things are possible for those that trust in him. Thank you Frank, for sharing her story and knowing how awesome our God is that we serve.

    A Sister in Christ,
    Dottie Malcomb

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